Off-road biking – Help us, help you

We're reaching out to local communities in the East of Newport who are becoming plagued with the use of illegal off-road bikes, to come forward with information that could help us identify the riders.

The hardest hit areas within the last two weeks include Glebelands Park and Caerleon Road in St Julians and Burton Road in Beechwood.

Whilst officers are not out to spoil people's fun, especially those that do ride legally and abide by the laws, we want to remind users that off road vehicles can cause alarm and distress to residents particularly when driven through residential areas at speed.

Illegal off-roading can also cause damage to the countryside and riders are also putting themselves and members of the public at risk when using these vehicles in inappropriate areas.

The warning comes following increased reports of off-road vehicles in Newport, where the users of these bikes are causing unnecessary suffering to the local community.

Officers do have various powers under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Police Reform Act 2002 to prosecute riders and seize and crush offending vehicles.

If you have any information regarding the illegal use of off road vehicles please call us on 101 or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

Local Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Chris Back said 'This is a particularly difficult situation for the police to deal with and we rely on information provided by members of the public. I am continually looking at ways to effectively tackle the illegal use of off road vehicles and I assure you we will act on any information received".

For more information on the laws of off road vehicles head over to our website: